Vocalwiz.com's audio library volume 1 agreement:
You must print, sign, date, and then fax, scan, or mail agreement back with your full intent to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth below. 
Transaction will not be fully complete until this agreement is signed, dated, and returned with both parties having copies.  You will receive a copy with owners signature and date.
Address:  vocalwiz.com 
3050 21st St. S. Fargo, ND 58103
Email :  jade1@cableone.net
Fax :  701-239-4699   
Agreement Terms & Conditions:
License: By purchasing the audio library volume 1, you will receive a full lifetime broadcast rights license, full commercial license for life, and a full editing license for life too in an all emcompassing usage license.  You are entitltled to one license per purchase which includes one site for use.  Any additional usage at other physical locations, regardless if it is the same company, needs additional licenses.  Example:  1 radio station cannot use the material at another site, even if it's the same parent company, unless specifically stated as a modified agreement herin. 
Distribution:  Any redistribution or redispersement by way of duplication or copying is strictly prohibited, and you agree to pay Brian Maloney, owner of vocalwiz.com, a penalty of $25,000 per incident.
Editing:  You may edit within this all encompassing license, however, you may not edit and redistribute to other undisclosed locations , or for the purposes of resale. 
Minimum Purchase:  minimum 350 files.  In 'quantity of files below', please write all, or amt. (at least over 350).
Price per file is : __$3.79__   buyers initials ______   |  Quantity of files buying ______ buyers initials________
Buyer Signature _____________________   Buyer Date  ____________
Seller Signature _____________________   Seller Date  ____________
Location(s):  You must specify exactly where your business is, and what physical location you will be working out of.
Expressed Guarantee:  You may request a refund for up to 25% of purchased files if you are not satisfied provided you delete and never use said files for commercial or personal use.
All Rights Reserved 2013 Vocalwiz.com