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Your hear because you have been invited or have heard of a new vocal audio library by Brian Maloney.  Expand your reach with nearly 800 original audio clips, this is a must have for any broadcast station, studio, ad agency, media company, podcaster, and even audio blogger.
Moreover, the exclusive licensing rights that you can 'only get here', are part of the deal as well.  Thats correct, you will receive a full lifetime broadcast rights license, full commercial license for life, and a full editing license for life too in an all emcompassing usage license.
Thats a lot of flexibility for a product that can add a ton of freshness, humor, edginess, sarcasm, self deprecation, characters, accents, and conversational styles to your everyday work forever.
Take a listen to the mp3 player below.  
Check out the licensing agreement link for details on purchasing this fantastic resource for your media business. 
All files have been meticulously edited at least 2 times over, and were completed with a ultra quiet rode nt1a mic.  The files have been audio watermarked with a bgm, vocalwiz.com, or a tone in the background.  *Please request if you would like to hear 20-30 unwatermarked files on a secure page. 
PRICING: $99 for 1 license (1 station/small), $198 license for up to (5 stations/medium), & over 5 is multi license (please call for this request).
All files come with the option of .wav & or .mp3 format; and can be delivered several different ways including mailng disc(s), fileai.com, yousendit.com, ftp, or if requested, online download.
This is volume 1, volume 2 has already been started, and is planned for release in '2019.  You will automatically receive a total 15% discount on volume 2 with the purchase of vol. 1.
Payment is made via paypal, escrow.com, or check. Please email or call me once you've completed your order so I can get you the files asap.
Additionally, I am available for all types of voice over projects, whether vocal styles you've heard here, custom pieces, larger, or ongoing vo projects.  Just call 701-280-3083 or email me at jade1@cableone.net anytime.
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