The pricing for the vocalwiz audio library is on a fixed per file basis.  Given that the volume 1 library is nearly 800 files, it only made sense to sell them at an attractive range under $5 each. 
Currently, the price for each file stands at a mere$3.79 per with a minimum purchase of 350 files.  That is much less than the normal $7-10 range most websites charge for audio files.  Additionally, these files 'off this website only' allow you the flexibility of a full lifetime broadcast rights license, full commercial license for life, and a full editing license for life too in an all emcompassing usage license, you will find that no where else!
You simply cannot go wrong with owning this fantastic audio package!  Applications are endless, and your return on investment will not only pay for itself, but allow you to flourish with profits well into the future.
Buying is easy, you can pay through paypal, escrow dot com, or check.  All files will be delivered upon receipt of payment. 
Check out the pricing below for this excellent array of male vocal audio files from Brian Maloney.
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